The Little Things
June 26, 2017

18 WEEKS 🙁

When I hurt my knee 18 weeks ago, I’m so glad that I had no idea how long this healing process would take, because I would’ve felt incredibly overwhelmed by it all.

The question I keep getting from friends and people at work is “are you noticing any changes?”

The answer is: YES! A huge yes!

When I was in Florida over Memorial day, I was able to get into the pool and that helped to loosen my knee up a good amount, which has increased my range of motion. YAY!!

I’m able to walk longer distances and am down to only one crutch, which still provides a bit of weight off my knee while walking. I’m also walking more (short) distances with no crutches, which feels unbelievable. The fact that I can more easily get myself coffee or water or food feels so relieving.

And, a huge development happened a few weeks ago: I’ve been able to bike! I’m going for very short times 1-2 times a week, and it’s so painfully slow, but I don’t really care (ok- I a little bit care) because I’m biking-ish again and it feels so good (also weird and sometimes a little tight and painful).

See that pace? I’m pretty much moving at toddler pace, but I’m taking every minute I can get.

I’m still sitting a bit more, am wearing the compression sleeve, ice massaging, and putting my legs up on the well to help decrease fluid in my legs (bonus: this helps with POTS) as well.

So- am I close to running? I don’t think so. I don’t think I’m close to doing rides outside either, which grieves me a bit because it’s summer and gorgeous biking weather. But, I’m seeing progress and I’ll take it. 18 weeks down… I don’t know how many more to go…

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