The Little Things
February 13, 2018

Thanks to the Powersheets, I was thinking about my word for 2018 back in November, as I started to work through the powersheets prep at that time (there is a section that helps you identify your word for the coming year, based on an assessment of a number of things from the previous year). I had a number of good words in mind, and took Thanksgiving break away from normal life and work to marinate and pray on my word. Out came “reclaim“!


The background: over the past few years (as you might recall I got a huge promotion in 2015 which took away a lot of my extra free time) I’ve slowly lost a few of the things that feel important to me. Even the things that I didn’t totally lose I wanted to strengthen and lean into more in the coming year than I had. Hence- reclaim!

There are things that feel like either critical fence posts on the road to being healthy or fence posts on the road to being more “me” that I either want to put in place or strengthen. So, here are a few of them (through the powersheets prep work I identified 9 goals that all tie back to “reclaim”)-

I want to reclaim:

  1. My home and space I inhabit (get rid of 500 items (this is after playing the minimalism game last year), find a place to set up digital storage for my family to access so I can scan and then get rid of some of the 11 boxes of family history items I have, do a digital clear out, and figure out a way to make the inside of my home feel a little more reflective of who I am)
  2. My ability to run! I haven’t run since the middle of February 2017 due to this knee injury, and I really want to run sometime in 2018. I’ve committed to even more leg strength workouts, pool running, and continued ice massage to hopefully make this possible.
  3. Reclaim knowledge and understanding- I already read a lot, but this year I want to be more purposeful. I want to read at least 125 books, but I have numbers for how many books on race/books not written by a white person and numbers for how many mental health related books I want to read.
  4. And reclaim workouts- including strength training! By November and December these things tend to fall aside, so I specifically wanted to start the year off well with this.

Other things I want to reclaim: health, healthy helping/impact on the world, my voice in specific contexts, more money saved, and more intentionality about what I eat.

I love having a specific word to meditate on and focus on throughout the year, and one month in and I feel pretty happy about the word “reclaim!” Now if only I could go on a run soon…

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s your word for 2018?

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