The Little Things
September 20, 2011

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Since choosing to focus on wellness during graduate school, my passion and determination for increasing my own health has increased dramatically. Wellness comes from a balance of the different factors of wellness, and I try to do my best to work on each area. Because of this, I don’t focus just on the physical, but try to add in mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and intellectual areas as well. This blog is all about the little things in each of these areas of wellness that, when combined, create a healthy, full, and flourishing life!

Here’re a few things about me:

1. I’m a Counselor in the field of mental health: I always knew I wanted to work with people, and from very young I wanted to be a counselor. From high school on I kept that as my focus, and worked hard every day through college and grad school to learn and become the best counselor I could be. I absolutely love being a counselor and can’t imagine not getting to do my job.

2. I’m lactose intolerant, and just became this way as an adult. Part of my journey towards health has been to figure out how to adapt my nutrition and recipes when I had to cut dairy mostly out of my diet.

3. I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Most people have never heard of this before, so I plan on discussing this here at some point. In fact, many people in my life don’t even know that I have this, and I refuse to be defined by a diagnosis. I’m here to prove that people can still be healthy even when it can be difficult to do so.

4. Most of my life I’ve hated running, but in the last few years started to like it quite a bit. I used to be willing to do ANYTHING to avoid running. In the fall of 2010 I started having dreams where I would be running, and I loved the feeling in my dreams. One day I decided enough was enough, and went out for a run. It’s been a slow process (due to the POTS), but I’m finally seeing progress & I now love going out for runs!

5. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding cooking, but now I really enjoy it {most of the time!}. I may not be fantastic at it yet (or ever), but I will not give up in the kitchen. I’m experiencing far less ruined meals, so I think that’s a good sign!

6. I’m all Type-A. Give me a list or specific instructions, and I’m good to go. I like to organize, and get pretty excited when friends ask me to come over and organize something!

7. These are some of my favorite things: Dancing, Coffee, GREECE, mediterranean foods, traveling, experiencing new cultures, exercising, spending time with the people I love, & pushing myself towards new goals.

8. I’m a certified Pilates Barre InstructorA class that combines Pilates, Cardio, and Barre work? SIGN ME UP! I love this intense workout, and find that it’s a great way to cross train!

9. I love to bike, but it wasn’t always that way! I spent 10 years avoiding the bike because I was so nervous about riding (LAME!), but then I won an entry into a triathlon and finally hopped on the bike! Now biking is one of my biggest forms of stress relief, and I really love it!

I’m glad you’ve stopped by!