The Little Things
February 1, 2017

As you know, for several years I’ve chosen a “word of the year:

I try not to force myself to come up with a word. By December I start to think through what some of my goals or values are for the upcoming year- some things I intentionally want to make space for or focus on. From there I usually have a series of words that fit a lot of that, and then I just gave space for myself to let the words sit as the year comes to a close. By mid-January I have that word solidified.

For 2017 my word is… create. I actually sort of didn’t want that word, and tried my hardest to come up with other words, but my thoughts just kept cycling around to create, as it seemed to most encompass some of the things that I desire for the year.

On the job front, I am desiring to be creative in some of the ways I lead, creative in program development, and creative about solutions to some things that I identified in November and December. I desire to think outside the box to create.

I desire to create new areas of health for myself (lean body bootcamp is a step to that). I desire to create new habits, to create space for new things, and to create some new programs at work. I want to give myself to be creative, think outside the box, to do things in ways that haven’t been done before.

Of course I like to think of each new word as a continuation of the things I’ve already focused on as well. Peace and Shalom didn’t fall by the wayside as 2016 hit, and I am still on my quest to simplify as well…

For now, I’m letting some creative juices flow as I make space to think outside the box!


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