The Little Things
October 31, 2017

Wow- October is wrapping up and I can hardly believe how fast it went! It was a very warm October for us, so I think that’s part of why it didn’t really feel like fall. So, before the month ends, I thought I’d do a currently post.

Currently Drinking: Pumpkin Chai and Apple Spice Chai! I get the pumpkin chai at Starbucks, but the coffee shop at work has apple spice chai and it is absolutely amazing!

Currently Eating: Cake and ice cream cake and party food! This weekend I had two different birthdays to celebrate, which led to a whole lot of cake and celebration type of food (like 3 pieces of pizza for dinner one evening). The fact that I’m lactose intolerant maybe made this whole weekend slightly… uncomfortable… but well worth it. haha.

I also had dim sum on Sunday night to celebrate a few friends’ birthdays, and it was SO wonderfully delicious.

Currently Listening To: Catching Fire! I really love the Hunger Games, so I allow myself to listen to the audiobooks every fall, and I’m really loving it!

Currently Watching: Grey’s Anatomy and Survivor. Seriously- how have these shows been on for so many years? They are great shows to have on in the evenings as I’m getting things done. I’m also watching This is Us.

I may have watched a Hallmark Christmas movie last night too 🙂 No shame in my game.

Currently Reading: I just finished reading John Green’s new book, “Turtles All The Way Down”. I’m currently reading “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”. This one sort of reminds me a bit of “The Rosie Project” and I’m really enjoying it.

Currently Smelling: My apple candle! It’s so delicious.

I also got a diffuser in August, and I really wish that I had some fall scents for it. However, I’ve been loving the lavender oil as well as a “peace” blend in the evenings.

Currently Excited For: Thanksgiving break! It’s only a few weeks away and I’m excited to see my family. The counseling center I work for is also hosting a “de-stress” week in a few weeks to teach emotional regulation skills and provide some fun, mindful sorts of activities. We haven’t done a week like this before, so I’m pretty excited for it.

Currently Wearing: My giraffe outfit! Hey, I’m celebrating Halloween in comfort… by myself in my living room.

Currently Loving: I love that November is this fantastic blend of all things fall AND Christmas! I can burn an apple candle while watching Hallmark Christmas movies or drink peppermint hot chocolate while watching the leaves change. It’s a great blend of two fun times of the year.

(sorry for not including pictures- they refused to upload for some reason)

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one “currently” for your life right now?

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