The Little Things
August 28, 2017

Oh my gosh- how fun was eclipse day?! While I wasn’t on the path of totality (I WISH- it looked awesome!), we were a little over 88% covered, and I was thrilled.

Last week I started thinking about my eclipse day outfit. I settled on a black dress (you know- since the moon blocks the sun) with white bursts on it which sort of mimic the sun. So fun!

A few co-workers and I made eclipse viewing boxes, since we only had one pair of glasses between all of us. I decided we needed to make it extra fun, and brought markers, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.

We included sun quotes and song lyrics and pipe cleaners on the box, and laughed our way through the entire thing. Talk about good team bonding!

I had no idea how it would work out, but I figured it was worth the try. Also- notice our little sun and moon creations on the top of the boxes? haha- they were a hit.

After spending our lunch hour watching footage of the total eclipse out west (Seriously- it was amazing!), it was our turn! We headed outside to try out the boxes.

Back toward the sun.

They worked! The image of the sun was projected through a pin hole in the box onto a white piece of paper on the inside of the box. I could see the little crescent sun, which was awesome. Of course the sun with the glasses on was even better, but I was surprised by how much detail I could see just with the reflection.

And just like that, Eclipse day was over! It was so fun to have a unique event at work with co-workers, and I especially enjoyed learning a bit in the process.

Now it’s your turn to share! Where were you for Eclipse day (or- have you ever seen an eclipse?)?

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