The Little Things
August 25, 2017

Happy Friday yall! This week I wore Essie’s Baugette Me Not with some silver glitter on top!

(picture from several weeks ago- they look the same today though!)

This lilac color is absolutely beautiful, and I really adore it. 2 coats is sufficient with or without glitter on top to get good cover on the nail.

Here are some random facts for the week:

1. This past weekend I went on my annual Mackinac Island trip with work. It was weird since it’s a bike trip and I can’t really bike, but riding in the van to help with broken bikes and injuries proved to be really eventful! I actually surprisingly really enjoyed it.

2. The book “Reading People” by Anne Bogel! I got my hands on an advance copy and am loving it! I even brought it to Mackinac Island with me for some quiet reading near the water!

3. ok- let’s talk Solar Eclipse! It was amazing, right? I have a post coming up next week, but I’ll give you a little preview of my Eclipse day with this picture:

4. Does anyone feel themselves relax and their soul still when they get into nature. THIS. This was so good.

5. I finally took the plunge and bought a little diffuser and am enjoying the scent of lavender in my room in the evenings!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have a diffuser? If so- what are your favorite oils to diffuse (scent-wise)? Have you been to Mackinac?

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