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January 8, 2018

Now that it’s officially over a week into 2018, I figured I needed to get around to posting the books I read in December. In December I read 11 books, bringing my total for 2017 to 140 books!

Here’s what I read in December:

Making it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live on Purpose (Casey): This book is written by the person who founded Cultivate What Matters (which produces the Powersheets!). This is Casey’s personal story, along with little moments of wisdom on behavior change and intentional living. I listened to the audiobook, and several times throughout she would say “pause and journal/write/think about the following ____”. If I hadn’t been doing the powersheets prep already, I feel like this book would’ve been even more helpful. 4/5 stars

Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith (Lamott): I love personal stories because I think we can learn so much by looking at life through the eyes of another. I enjoyed this (quick) audiobook. 3/5 stars

Private #1 (Brian): The story of a 15 year old going to a prestigious high school. It was quick and pretty good (although not as good as gossip girl!) 3/5 stars

Dashing Through The Snow (Macomber): This was a fun, quick story about a person who falls in love at Christmas. It was cheesy, of course, and definitely could’ve made a bit of a Hallmark movie. 3/5 stars

Little Fires Everywhere (Ng): Oh my, I loved this story!I didn’t know what this book was about going into reading it, but had high expectations because I like the author- she did not disappoint! I loved the layers of family dynamics playing out throughout this story. 4.75 stars

Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis (Vance): 4 stars. Again, hearing life through another’s perspective is so valuable, and I enjoyed this look into the lives of so many who live in the hills of Appalachia.

The Beautiful Struggle (Coates): 4 stars

The Uncommon Reader (Bennett): This was a fun novella about the Queen of England and her love of reading. While not a true story, I loved reading it none the less. 4 stars

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life (Millburn): I like the minimalists and enjoy listening to their podcast. I tend to be a little more balanced than the authors in my approach to life/minimalism/health. In my opinion, they can be a bit black and white at times. Minimalism looks different for everyone (which they acknowlede), so I appreciate hearing a bit of their own story. 3/5 stars

The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia #7) (Lewis): In 2014 I decided to read through this entire series, and only got through the first 3 or 4 books that year. This is the final one (and the only one I had left to read… ) so with only a week and a half until the end of the year, I forced myself to finish it. I wish I loved it more than I did.

Hello, Sunshine (Dave): This novel looked at the lives we so carefully curate and put online, and the things that happen when those things collide with the truth of our life. 3/5 stars

And with that, the calendar has changed and my book count has started over again. Stay turned for my favorite books throughout 2018!

Now it’s your turn to share! What book are you most looking forward to reading in 2018?

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    Stalking you on Goodreads is my fav hobby.

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