The Little Things
February 23, 2016

I’ve posted several times about my journey to decluttering over the past two years (i.e. Freedom From Stuff, Freedom From Stuff part 2, and Freedom From Stuff {moving edition}), but no matter how much I’ve gotten rid of, it’s not felt like remotely enough.

Again, I don’t want to portray that I’m living amongst huge piles of stuff with only small walkways through my house. I’m not in any way living like that, but I AM living with far too much clutter. In fact, there are several boxes from when I moved in July (that I packed in June of 2015) that I still haven’t unpacked. Clearly I don’t need most of those items.

My Decluttering Project

In that vain, one of my brothers and I have started a new challenge for ourselves that fits with my word for 2016: “simplify”. We are each going to be getting rid of 7 items a week. Here are the details:

The goal of this isn’t to just simplify have less “stuff” around the house, but to make space for the things in my life that are actually valuable (vs. something that “I might need one day”). I waste so much time going through this junk over and over again, and I desire to be free of the space it takes up, the visual energy that it takes, and how it crowds out the things that I really value within my space. I want to keep things that I intentionally WANT to keep, not just things that merely have a good memory attached (this one is especially tough for me!) or just because I was given it (guilt isn’t a good motivator to keep stuff).

My Decluttering Project

A pile of giveaway/throwaway items from January…

January went well and I’ve stayed on top of my things for February as well. I’m struggling a bit to find things to get rid of (but really, my house is packed with stuff so it shouldn’t be that hard!). Every single thing I take out of the house is one less thing, though, so I’m celebrating that!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have rules for decluttering?

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