The Little Things
February 16, 2016

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. Melissa bought the series for me for my birthday, and it finally took until January for me to sit down and dig in- yikes! I was so pleasantly surprised to find one of my new, out of control obsessions!

Perhaps the best way to describe the trilogy of The Selection Series is “hunger games meets the bachelor”. Sign me up! It’s “Hunger Games-esque” in that it takes place in the future, with a different sort of government (in this case, there is a monarchy and caste system in place). The time has come for The Prince to marry, and he brings 35 women to the Palace to go through a Bachelor style of dating until he finds “The One”. This process is called “The Selection”. Unlike The Bachelor, however, there are government dynamics playing out as he continues to work, and family dynamics that dramatically impact the process. Honestly, there’s no way for me to make The Selection Series sound as amazing as it truly is!

The Selection Series Review

The books in the series are around 325 pages each, but it’s a quick read, such that I read a book a night, three nights in a row (I told you I was obsessed!). The best thing about this series: there’s a fourth “follow up” book, as well as several novellas that explore the stories of some of the side characters from the main series! I love books that allow me, as the reader, to continue to attach and learn more about the characters!

The Selection Series was a most excellent read, and I gave all 3 books very high ratings on goodreads! I’d highly suggest adding these books to your “want to read” shelf and enjoy the emotional ride! 🙂

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