The Little Things
April 17, 2017

As I mentioned earlier, in the month of April I’m playing The Minimalism Game! Since I’ve made it two weeks, I thought I’d type up a short little update on how it’s going.

Although the game is written to last a month, I originally committed to 15 days days, meaning I was committing to 120 items. However, I left it open to continue for as many days as I felt that I could. I’m now on day 17, meaning that I’ve gotten rid of 153 items.

minimalism game

My house doesn’t seem to look very different at all! It’s amazing how many items we have hidden away in closets, on book shelves, and in drawers. I know that it is, however, making my life easier because it means less to dig through when I’m cooking or getting dressed in the morning.

I’ve found it fairly easy to get rid of items this month, probably because I haven’t moved to more difficult items. For example, I went through a huge stack of magazines I had been putting aside in favor of reading (at the start of the year I decided to not subscribe to any magazines for the time being because it wasn’t adding value to my life). I went through 54 magazines this past week, and it felt good to be able to release all of those things (and makes my book shelf SO much nicer to look at!).

As I’ve started looking for items to get rid of, and as I continue to reflect on my time in Mexico, I realize more and more how I feel almost stressed from looking at the quantity of things in each room. This realization has made it a little easier to release things.

And now I’m rambling 🙂 I think I’m going to commit to 25 days of this game, and then I’ll decide where I’m at at that point.

Is anyone else playing along with the minimalism game this month?

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